Top appearance and function for new and existing homes
Maximize the visual appeal of your home with the stylish good looks of a Dominator® Sectional Garage Door. You'll also enjoy the functional advantages - like its smooth, quiet action and being able to park right up to the door, inside and out, to maximize available space. Safety, security, convenience and satisfaction are all the benefits that will flow from your decision to specify a Dominator® Sectional Garage Door. Choose from a vast range of styles and finishes - all custom manufactured under the Dominator® brand - you'll find the door to suit your home and lifestyle.

Custom manufacture
Dominator® Sectional Doors are custom manufactured (unlike most other sectional doors) to customers specific opening dimensions. A Perfect fit is assured with accuracy to within 1mm in height and width. Reinforcing struts, where required on larger doors, provide additional strength.

Maximum use of space
You can park right up to your sectional door without worry of damage to your vehicle when the door is operated. Because the door doesn't protrude beyond the front of your garage you can utilize your full drive area with greater convenience. Inside, you can use most of the available headroom - an advantage for hatchbacks, roof racks and taller vehicles.

Perfect balance and operation
Carefully researched spring formulae and precision manufacture combine to provide a door that is perfectly balanced for easy, smooth operation with minimal maintenance, for the life of the door.

Low headroom installation
Installation of our sectional doors can be achieved in most low headroom garages with special hardware (complemented with garage door automation).

Safety / security
A sectional door is always supported in its side tracks. This, and its vertical operation provide for greater safety. Your door won't unexpectedly blow open or shut, drop or swing. And it's virtually impossible to force open due to it's tight fit, both in its tracks and at the bottom edge.

Dust and wind resistance
The sectional doors trim fit also effectively seals out drafts, wind, dust, debris and rain. This is particularly important where you have internal access into your home.

Automatic operation
The push of a button from the comfort and safety of your car is all it takes to open and close your garage door. Nothing could be easier and a real plus in the chilly months of winter. Dominator® Sectional Garage Doors are designed to operate in tandem with the appropriate Dominator® Automatic Door Opener for the optimum in performance and security.
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