The natural beauty of timber to provide timeless appeal
Timber Garage Doors blend strength with natural grace and beauty that complements a wide range of architectural styles and surroundings. Now Dominator® can offer you a choice of custom made sectional and tilt garage doors that are designed to add a touch of distinction to your home. Any style can be produced - from the simplicity of a smooth, grooved surface to complex framed panel designs.

Custom manufacture
Dominator® Timber Doors are custom manufactured to customers specific design requirements and opening dimensions. All operating hardware is manufactured to systems accredited to ISO9001 quality standards.

Choice of style
Dominator® Timber Doors are available in two styles - either Tilt or Sectional. With the Tilt option your choice of design is almost limitless. The one piece construction allows any panel or window configuration or any suitable timber cladding to be used. The Sectional option, due to its horizontal panel construction is best suited to panelled door styles and timber claddings of a horizontal nature.

Choice of timber
In choosing a timber door it should be appreciated that only timbers suitable for outside exposure should be selected. Even with suitable material, temperature and moisture will cause some natural movement, more or less, depending on the timber used, location, and how well the door is maintained.

Choosing the finish
Being a natural product, timber requires suitable protection and maintenance of that protection. Various waxes, oils, clear and paint finishes are available. Your professional designer or Dominator® distributor can advise a suitable protective finish.

Perfect balance and operation
Whichever type of door you choose, Dominator®'s carefully researched spring formulae and precision manufacture combine to provide perfect balance for easy, smooth operation.

Automatic operation
As timber doors are generally heavier than equivalent metal doors a Dominator® Automatic Opener should be considered. Providing the ultimate in convenience, with pushbutton ease, an automatic opener also provides benefits in terms of safety and security. See Automatic Door Openers

Maximum use of space
If your drive area is limited the vertical operation of a sectional door allows parking right up to the door. With optional hardware the sectional door also provides more headroom than the tilt door. Where these issues are not a factor then either door style can be considered.

Window styles
A wide range of window styles can be incorporated into your choice of timber door. These windows are supplied as an optional extra and are available in varying configurations of trim and color. Your Dominator® distributor can advise on suitability and choice. See Window Styles

Dominator® Sectional Doors are supplied, installed and serviced by any of our authorised Dominator® distributors.