Safe and quiet functioning

The operator incorporates a geared DC motor for safe low voltage and whisper-quiet operation.

Rapid Operation
The unit is geared for swift opening and closing with smooth electronic control giving greater convenience and security.

Accurate position control
An innovative position control system constantly monitors the position of the gate to provide sensitive anti-crushing protection and pin point stopping.

Secure locking
An ingenious mechanical linkage system allows for quick and easy installation and combined with the irreversible gearset ensures secure locking.

Proven lightening protection
15 years of experience in surge and lightening protection has been integrated into the design of the electronics to enhance the reliability of the unit.

Uninterrupted operation
The operator can be driven by a traditional 220V transformer-rectifier or directly from a 12V battery for power failure protection and various low voltage power supply options including solar charging.

Dependable service
Dominator® product is marketed through an extensive network of qualified installers. The equipment is manufactured to the ISO9001 quality standard and is CE certified.

New Dominator® Centurion Sliding or Swing Gate Openers

Dominator® Centurion Sliding Gate Opener
Provides reliable operation for domestic and commercial applications. Fully programmable plus optional auxiliaries to build the system to your requirements.
Dominator® Centurion Swing Gate Opener
Rapid opening with whisper quiet operation. Features include: safe, low voltage motor with battery back up, anti-crush protection, automatic locking.